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Also Polygel or AcrylicGel named? This new product combines the best properties of gel and acrylic into an all-in-one system. The product can be applied to strengthen the natural nail or to extend nails using a tip.

Applying polygel is very similar to applying acrylic. The biggest and most important difference is that modeling can take longer, polygel it only hardens under the UV/LED lamp. The polygel we use liquid to ensure that the polygel does not stick to the brush, so we can model more easily.

What is the difference between gel nails and Polygel?
One of the most important differences is that polygel is 16% lighter than gel. This makes the nails feel more natural. In addition, the polygel harder than gel, but flexible at the same time.
Polygel is a revolutionary new system in the field of traditional artificial nail techniques. Poly gel is not an acrylic or UV gel, but a combination of the best properties of these products. The Polygel is a “thick” gel, a kind of modeling clay that is worked with a brush and a little liquid (Poly-liquid).
Acrylic consists of a fine powder and a special liquid. The mixture is applied to the nail and shaped using a template or tip. For people who want to get rid of nail biting, the Acrylic System is the most successful artificial nail system.

We work with the professional products of Young Nails, Kiara Sky, Gelish, The Gel Bottle and our own Celebrity Nails Gelpolish to guarantee the best quality. Neat, professional with 15 years of experience. Nail biters are also welcome with us!

We have a choice of more than 120 gel polish and 30 glitter gel colors from our own brand “ Celebrity Nails Gelpolish ”.


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