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Waxing or waxing is the removal of unwanted hair growth on both the body and face. Heated resin/wax is used for this.

The warm, liquid resin is applied to the skin by smoothing it on with a spatula or roller, letting it set and then peeling it off. Now the hairs are encapsulated in the resins and then the resin is removed from the skin against the direction of hair growth.

The advantage of waxing over other hair removal methods is that the hairs are removed by the roots. This keeps the hairs away for between three to six weeks, and waxing can also damage the hair follicle, where the hair grows. As a result, the hairs grow less strong, do not grow back at all or are softer and thinner than before. This is one of the benefits of regular waxing or waxing.


29-11-2020 | Lorraine

Beste wimperzetter ooit!!! Deze wimpers zijn niet te overdreven ook, heb maanden moeten zoeken voor zulke wimpers. Urmy legt goed uit wat zij gaat doen. Het was mijn tweede keer voor wimpers, eerste keer gedaan bij iemand anders, tegen mijzelf gezegd nooit meertot dat ik fotos zag bij urmy. Top salon



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