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Gel nails are usually seen as the most natural form of artificial nails. They are used as a reinforcement for the natural nails . With gel nails, a ready-made substance is painted on the nails . By means of a UV lamp, it must then harden and remain attached.

Gel nails are thinner and more flexible, giving them a more natural look than acrylic nails. They are also slightly softer and more flexible, making them less likely to break. In addition, gel nails have a glossy surface and gel nails have a less pungent smell.

We work with the professional products of Young Nails, Kiara Sky, Gelish, The Gel Bottle and our own Celebrity Nails Gelpolish to guarantee the best quality. Neat, professional with 15 years of experience. Nail biters are also welcome with us!

We have a choice of more than 120 gel polish and 30 glitter gel colors from our own brand “ Celebrity Nails Gelpolish ”.


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